12th September

Library research task, looking and exploring the different aspects, connotations and pathways or Bruce Nauman, the body as a material and the process of acceleration. Bruce Nauman's work is all about the way we respond to it, the provocation and violent sexuality of many of his pieces stem from his interest in human nature and the mind connected to the body. the state of trauma that many of his peices induce is disorientating and a bit psycotic. He uses a number of different mediums but most recently has been creating wall reliefs using neon lights. The word body normallly implies a physicality and the literalness of the movement of muscles and skin. In this way it is a framework and protection as it holds things. However the sensualness and violence of the body lends itself to consider the the way human nature is. This is closely linked to Bruce Nauman's influences behind many of his works. Marina Abramovic is a clear example of an artist that uses the body to portray her message. However a less literal use of the word is when something gievs material form to  more abstract group. The word acceleration has been harder to focus on as the speed and movement immediately implies a very mechanical or manmade thing such as a car or a plane but it can also be the movement of our own bodies which is a more natural thing such as dance and the heartbeat (closley linking this word to body). Artists like Balla and Francis Bacon portray movement in their own unique style but photography is the most common medium to capture movement. When something increases in an amount it doesnt have to be physical though, it underpins the economy, culture and society. Looking at the way stimulants increase and accelerate the body links these three concepts together.

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