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The first project atCentralSaint Martins was called library research. At the beginning we had to choose one practitioner, one material and one process. When we got the sheets, we were totally confused;  did not know what  decision to make and what criteria should be applied.  After short research we checked several artists – their short biography, life-philosophy, and the most specific features of thir artwork. Finally, as the artist of our choice  we  picked Gordon Matta-Clark. As the material we choose the light, because we concluded that this will be the most challenging and resourceful substance to work with.

Light can take lot of different forms and structures. As process we chose ,,hide,,.

At home I  made notes and analyzed all information which we  had found. I tried to look for as many forms of light and things which are related to it: saturation, shadow, contrast, perspective etc. I also made a research about Gordan Matta Clark, and I decided to focus on the entropy process. 

The next day after morning lecture, our group met and tried to define and simplify the term “entropy” to make it workable and useful for our purpose. It was very difficult. We have divided entropy into  two categories; order and disorder, and on these two we based our proposal for the project. We found it difficult to turn our abstract ideas in to real physical objects.

Finally we made a brief outline of our project. We sketched rooms connected by Italian (one way) mirror (like in police interrogation room). In each room we placed prism which would give different rays of light. We also decided that one room will be completely dark . Our assumption was that when a person comes into the light room, he or she will feel safe. But the unexpected  change – entering a dark room - would provoke sudden change of feelings.  

At Monday we have our library slot so our research will probably go deeper. 

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