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Description: Tessellated - Issey Miyake - Prism Pouch, Issey Miyake - Pleated Baseball Cap, Issey Miyake - Bao Bao Bag. The textile for these pieces are made using a softer material with a more rigid stiff material adhered on top, this allows the fabric to fold along the seams and create an origami like effect. The contrast between the white triangles and the black seams shows off the fold lines and outlines the folds. The triangular tessellation is contoured to fit around the human head in the cap. I like how the tessellation is carried on to the brim of the hat to give continuity. The more things you put in the tote bag the rounder the bag appears to be. The reflective material scatters the light around.
Created: Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 5:39 PM
Last modified: Thursday, 08 November 2018, 3:04 PM
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