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Description: Archway - Rough Bricks, Archway - Tessellated Bricks, Archway - Herringbone Bricks. The rough bricks have very deep lines in them, which creates very dark shadows, the bricks are rather unpleasant to touch, as they can be quite sharp. The gaps in the bricks also make them quite porous. The tessellating bricks create a repeating herringbone pattern that can be tiled to any scale. The areas around the bricks allow for moss to grow, so over time the bricks will all be surrounded in moss, which creates a raised soft texture. I like tessellation within a tessellation on the herringbone bricks, as it makes the wall have a more tactile feeling to it. I like the contrast between the textured bricks and smooth cement holding them together.
Created: Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 5:34 PM
Last modified: Thursday, 08 November 2018, 3:41 AM
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