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Nguyen The Hoang Linh is my most favorite poet because I can find a lot of inspiration in his poem for my story plot’s idea. His poem satisfies my craving for inspiration as it has both factors that I want- maturity and childish: the combination between experienced philosophy and innocent/ curious viewpoint about things surround. I like the way he see things with simplicity, but behind the fun words are deep meaning of thoughts about the beauty form of life. Reading his poems make me cry and laugh at the same time and realize there are too many pretty moments even in the most miserable situation (this is the technique I want to learn and adapt it to my stories); and whenever I finish the read, there are always two contrasting feeling co-exist inside me: the feeling of become more mature with the experiences he shared, and the feeling of reviving into a newborn that can look at things at their simplest form.

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