Today was the first day back after the Christmas holidays. We talked together about what we wanted to achieve in the project and presented our research to each other, and then worked on our own. I wrote a statement of intent based on my research, which was that I wanted to open up the entrances, divide the public and private, and break up the solid outer wall. I then made a sketchup model of my site, which I felt was necessary as I could see that the facade of the building is very detailed with a difficult curve, and these features are something I have to pay attention to if I want to design effectively and precisely. I didn't completely finish it as I wanted to move on, but I used it to draw in a proposal where I would apply my Malevich model onto my site. My sketchup model was very helpful for this, and I drew it a couple of times so I could work out which parts would be visible through the wall. When I got home, I looked on digimaps and researched the way which people would move past the pub, and found that it was dependent on the time of day, as people would talk towards the park in the morning for recreation or transport links, and then away from it towards North Hackney at the end on the day to go home. Based on this research, I realised I will need to let people go past my design, so I explored ways of making an archway for this over the pavement, as the current proposal doesn't allow for this. After that I drew a more updated version of my proposal.

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