Corduroy Pleated Taqiyah/Kufi / Inspired by Paul Rudloph's Boston Church

The Arabic word for muslim skullcap is Taqiyah which translates to "dome", however these hats are sometimes called Kufi and are worn by men in countries such as Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey ect.In West Africa, a kufi cap is the traditional hat for men, and is part of the national costume of most of the countries in the region. When looking at the architectural layout of the Paul Rudolph church, I created a link in my brain to the hexagonal shape in the architecture to that of the top of a kufi hat and many of these are made of Corduroy such as the one above as it has been pleated and connected with a hexagon shape.

© Ria Morris, all rights reserved


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