When deciding which photographs to print out for the crit tomorrow, I considered how my choice could convey a sense of narrative. I decided that I wanted one photograph showcasing the whole garment, and in contrast I wanted two to be more abstract and close-up. I liked the photograph focusing on a chain attaching the model’s ankles together; I felt this image conveyed the entrapment and restraint experienced by the convicts in prison. I also was drawn to a close-up photograph of the quote embroidered on the leg of the jumpsuit; I feel that the font of the text conveys the graffiti inspiration of the project. When choosing the main photograph showing the whole garment I chose an image where the yellow pipes seem to flow into the garment, therefore creating a link between the location and the jumpsuit. I liked how the location and jumpsuit become one, I think this conveys the idea of my garment being alike to a piece of graffiti sprayed onto a wall.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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