17th November

Today was the exhibition of the Unit Five – The Festival. All around college were different installations of not only from Theatre and Screen groups but also Fine Art. We had all been given different starting points, so this meant a wide range of artwork was created. As we had completed our installation we could now use the time to work on more detail such as the lighting which would make the atmosphere more intensifying. We were able to work on this with Dick and Mark which is useful as they have a lot more experience in what would they think would set the correct mood for what we wanted and what would work well, which our group really benefited from. (Image 9)

After playing about with colours we settled on three LED lights all a strong blue as this really picked up the paler wool colours alongside two UV lights which picked out the fluorescent colours. This made a very different atmosphere compared to broad daylight and gave it an aura around it so the audience would know once they’d entered into the installation. (Image 10)

Once the festival was over we had to deconstruct our installation at 5pm the same day. This felt very heartbreaking as everything wed done over the past to months had been completed and removed. The others in my group found it satisfying to cut down all the wool as it was a painstaking process for them to construct. However I do wish we had longer than three hours for our final pieces to be exhibited as the sense of achievement was rushed. (Image 11)

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