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  • Nug’s video and performance work is committed to the graffiti culture
  • What is most important to him is to push his sense of aesthetic and personal freedom to the absolute maximum
  • Interrailing and hitchhiking around Europe, trains were Nug’s medium of choice, which meant that stylistic purity, speed and inventiveness were crucial
  • With trains, painting became purely ‘physical’- a bodily act, through which he was forced to work quickly and without thinking, a method of disassociating himself from the everyday, released briefly from social and material constraints
  • He represents the pure energy and explosive vivacity of the graffiti act, not in images but through performances
  • Nug’s work is not about vandalism or destruction but about instinct and feeling

I was drawn to the spontaneity and energy of Nug’s work. His approach to graffiti presents it as an act of self-expression and an art form, as oppose to a violent act of vandalism, furthermore challenging the public’s preconceptions regarding graffiti. I similarly want to challenge the stereotypical assumption of graffiti being a violent, criminal act. From this research I was inspired to experiment with the media of spray paint and film, as they are both media’s I have am relatively unfamiliar with.

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