I sourced an orange prison jumpsuit and spray painted directly onto the garment. I considered spray painting the jumpsuit whilst it was being worn however realized the drape of the fabric would make it difficult to spray paint on, and so I needed it to be taut and flat on a wall.

From my research on prison uniforms I was drawn to the idea that they adapted under constraint. I wanted to manipulate the jumpsuit in a way that constrains the wearer, particularly constraining their hands as this conveys how prison for graffiti artists takes away their freedom of self-expression, which is their ability to graffiti. To constrain the wearers arms I sewed one sleeve physically into the side of the jumpsuit and the other sleeve I elongated and enlarged using the fabric from my previous spray paint experiment. Text has also been prominent within my work and so I decided to hand embroidery graffiti style lettering onto one leg of the jumpsuit. I embroidered a quote from Molly Manning Walker about her short film More hate than feara judicial system that values money and property over human life’ I used this quote because for me this film and the subsequent quote opened my eyes to just how corrupt our judicial system is.

The next step is to photograph the garment being worn. I will try photographing it in multiple locations e.g. outside a police station, against an illegal graffiti wall. I was thinking to photograph it in the waterloo tunnel, but considering that this is a legal area to graffiti, I felt the location wouldn’t communicate the context of my project.

© Renata Passaris, all rights reserved


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