I went to Shoreditch to explore the graffiti style in this area, and to see how it differs from the graffiti in the Waterloo tunnel. I found after comparing the graffiti styles they were quite similar in style and colour. Inspired by this research I created a 2D print idea, which I developed onto the body using more 3-dimensional techniques and materials e.g., bobby pins, and pipe cleaners. To further develop from these on-the-body print ideas I created a sample using a plastic bag, this material made me consider the idea of rubbish within the environment and how colour can act to mask its identity. Within this sample I explore using spray paint and would like to continue using this media within my work. I also created some mark making in response to Asger Jorn’s work, and I incorporated elements of graffiti into this. I like the expressive qualities of Jorn’s work and want my own project to be have a similar sort of energy and movement. I am quite precise and so these experiments helped push me outside of my comfort zone by allowing me to be more free and expressive, and I enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed the process.

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