Using mark making and a range of media e.g. oil pastels, pens, and pencils, I created an abstract response to a piece of graffiti I saw in the Waterloo tunnel; I like the painterly qualities of this piece and wanted to explore translating this response into a more 3-dimensional sample. For the sample I painted with acrylic onto chiffon and collaged drawing, beads, embroidery thread and coloured resin onto the surface, I used an embroidery hoop to frame the details within the sample, I like the combination of drawing and embroidery however I feel the sample could be more experimental in terms of textures. To develop I photocopied this sample and experimented with ways to translate it onto the body, hence creating a range of fashion print ideas. I used collage, mark making, and sewing, to create a more detail representation of the print idea on the body. I think I need to explore my use of media and techniques more as this could help push my work further by making it have more visually interest.

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