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As I delved into Sophie Calle's work, I wanted to understand the meaning of following strangers. I did not try to imitate her rather than translating her approach to mine, maybe less insured. I also became interested in the importance of the city where the following takes place. In Please Follow Me, the following takes place in Venice but is initiated in Paris and in this instance, is the following of the work in Paris. The fact that Sophie Calle takes the train and travel to another country on an impulse is also very strong and adds depth to the work. I wondered if following people in London would be different, as the city is constructed in a different way as Paris or Venice, being a totally different scaled city.

After thinking about following people without planning it,  it happened by chance one afternoon. Being early to a meeting and having some time on my hand, I passed by this old man in the area of Barbican. I was first moved by his unsteady gait and his curled up silhouette. Then, I became aware of the fact he was walking and moving very slowly which made the following pretty easy but made me more likely to be discovered. After those three pictures, I had the uneasy feeling I was priving into his life and taking advantage of his difficulty of moving. I finally stopped walking and stood watching him disappear in the landscape of the high buildings of the city.

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