I visited the graffiti tunnel in Waterloo. A tunnel is typically seen as dark, dull and uninspiring place, however the graffiti acted to transform this location into something bright and full of inspiration. Graffiti is purely 2-Dimensioanl, I think it would be interesting to explore a way to translate this into a 3-dimenisonal form e.g. spray painting onto fabric and manipulate this in sculptural way, subsequently distorting the pattern. I would like to develop some print ideas inspired by graffiti.

I took photographs of my outcome from my previous project and explored using a variety of different backdrops: white wall, lines of coloured tape on the wall, coloured tables as a background, and air vents. I found the most successful one was where I stuck coloured tape onto a white wall and had the tape continuing down along the floor. The colours of tape act to draw parallels to the colours of acrylic paint used on the dungarees. Overall I’m happy with the outcome for this project, I think it has successfully conveys the idea of blurring gender, and the bright colours and painting act to reference drag culture in an abstract way. One key thing I discovered during the process of this project is that I enjoy developing print ideas. Previously I thought I didn’t have a great sense of colour or pattern, however this project was a turning point as I came to realize how my work is actually quite dependent on colour and print.

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