Lecture 4

30th November

Our final lecture for this unit was about the university’s available online platforms such as Lynda.com, Moodle and in particular Workflow. All these are there to help us develop our written work however we had very little knowledge how to use them. For this unit, they had requested for our work to be written and submitted on Workflow and as many of us stated we didn’t understand how to do this. They responded and provided us with this academic lecture. This lecture was completely different to the others as it was a lot more informative and taught rather than being set points of discussion. It was also an official method of how the tutors wanted work submitted without fail. I really appreciated and enjoyed this lecture as sometimes a little guidance is what you need to continue to the next level. As this lecture was the final one it allowed you to create discussion of other work up until this point and then to go back and refine the work that needed to be contained instead of just answering the points of topic.

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