Lecture 1

26th October

Today’s lecture was based upon the importance of collaboration & process, and how it can affect the way the audience views a final piece. Within this Josh discussed with us how the final piece isn’t always the most important thing, it’s the journey and the obstacles you have to overcome to get there. I only partially agree with these statements as I also believe that the better and more developed the process is the strong the final piece to be true. Only work with depth and meaning behind the design can provide the audience with lingering questions to what it’s all about when they’ve only seen the final outcome. Which is different to processes that aren’t as developed as you can assume the story instantly. Josh also talked about the importance of collaboration and if one person doesn’t pull their weight it can all fall apart. As it was the first lecture we only roughly covered the project details and the topics they wanted us to discuss. I found they liked to leave the lecture open for thoughts so we didn’t think narrow-mindedly.

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