Lecture 3

9th November

Today Sally Dean a costume designer spoke to us about designing somatic costumes. Her art was very interesting and unlike any other I had witnessed before as she was imposing the question of not just making costumes for what you think but reacting how they move and making a costume based on that. She got us to do movement exercises without being visually aware of what we were doing and just made us think of different ways to move her body to see our behaviour. Also, she made us think about the weights of our clothing and body parts on us and how we feel within them. She works with a lot of dancers and response to the movements with different parts of costume for example they showed us a dance where the costume designers had to apply a costume to the dancer as they were dancing and the costume had to represent how they were moving with only bin bags. Mockery of dance everything within reason.  they find relationships between body and the environment and she brought in some costume she had made for example an elastic tube to represent the containment but stretching us of the skin a hat made out of balloons to show the lightness of your head air heart protector front and back as we only ever consider the heart being in the front of a body but by keeping it protected and warm as it is a vital organ. And finally feather fingers to show how fragile and light they are. Overall this lecture really made you think to consider not only what you see but what materials to use to create things. Also working with the performer is vital to gain knowledge and seat that has an equal to the work produced is as comfortable with each other and by collaborating like this both contributors have the same access to the final product making it better than just one person's design.

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