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The final piece I wanted to review was slightly different to the others as this is more meaningful and affected each one of us in there. This was the idea that to me stood out as they had focused on paperwork and student debt they had covered in office desk and walls in different paperwork to do with the fees and loans we all must pay but overall, disagree with. The message was clear and made you think because it affects you personally it really stood out to me, in some sense it was quite controversial which I liked as they weren't hesitating to say the truths of what we all think in artistic format which I personally think hits you more when it's not spoken but you can only see it. This was based in an isolated corner of the lecture theatre which even though it had many other installations around it that were using sound and light the simple white light and silence created an awe around it. This was very different to the other two found interesting as they were more comedic and entertaining whereas this was more personally emotional.

‘We were trying to take the idea of how invasive the questionnaire was and transfer it into a serene setting! Almost like how you're bringing it into your home.' 

Without this knowledge from the designers the piece was very self-explanatory and even when I gained this knowledge it didn’t change the way I viewed it. This only enhanced my reference making it more specific to the situation. The idea behind this targeted the audience really well as it is something that effects every student so without process knowledge you instantly knew the subject matter. In my opinion all three installations stood out in different ways. However, they all had one feature in common which was the size i.e. they were all big and a visual impact.

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