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The next piece I chose to review was the ‘Sexy Food Installation’ as I liked the way they created a scene of a massive brick wall. We were encouraged to write on the wall (a bit like graffiti on school toilet walls). The wall had three holes in it which you could look through. In each hole you could see a food scene imitating humans in sexual ways. For example, two chillies intertwined in a bed! This was clever as we could understand the story and idea but also contained a lot of humour. However, I also felt it was very casual as they had gone for comedic effect, but the lighting could of enhanced even more by experimenting with spotlights.

This group also stayed near the installation to watch people's reactions as many people were intrigued by the title. I believe that this is something that is really appealing to this generation so that installation got the best result I felt out of the target audience which were there fellow students.

To discover the ideas behind this design I spoke to a member of the group who responded,

‘We were trying to push the idea of making healthy food attractive to the extreme’

After gaining this information I felt like they had taken their subject matter to such height on the comedic spectrum that it seemed like they were ‘taking to mick’ as it became so unrealistic. I also found the approach very clever as it was over the top it made more of an impact on the audience, becoming one of the most memorable pieces within the festival.

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