16th November

Today began with a few setbacks as the space we had originally planned for on Monday wasn't the correct space that we had been allocated. At this point we felt a bit confused and deflated as all the preparation and planning of the we had done was now irrelevant. So, with all our materials we went and located our actual space, which was the staircase located within the theatre.

(Image 7)

Just looking at it we felt that we could do less as it was a fire exit. Also as a health and safety issue we couldn’t put anything below the height of 2 metres on the stairs, which did affect our design. However, after looking at the negatives we realised adapting our design wasn't going to be too difficult, so we started planning how we could adapt our design to the space. We narrowed it down to two options and we discussed of the pros and cons of both. We decided to have the tree at the bottom of the staircase with the branches weaving up or midway up the staircase expanding up the right-hand wall trailing over the balcony.

At this point we began weaving the wool in and out of the railings before making the tree structure out of chicken wire. The chicken wire was easy to handle and therefore to construct the tree, as it bent most of the time into the position you wanted it. This material also consisted of large gaps between each piece of wire making the tree look very skeletal, which enhanced our idea as the wire frame didn’t take away from it only allowing the wool to be the noticeable part which covered the tree well. In comparison to our previous location we have more places to attach the wool to and weave in and out of such as piping, wireframe, and handrails which we were more grateful for whilst creating our installation. This took around six hours today to create and all the group worked efficiently together with everyone pulling their weight. As the day came to an end, the entire installation was completed, and we just finished off by deciding which parts we wanted to make into a thicker texture and which spaces need to be more spacious.  I believe that my contribution at this point had a biggest impact on the finished installation – the other members of the group often supported this. This showed me that being from different pathways did bring different viewpoints and skills to the creative process as we are all creative people but in very different ways. (Image 8)

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