13th November

The groups first decision was to how we could meet throughout the week. I had made a list of what we needed to discuss such as a final design, finding our space as our proposal for space had not been successful and creating a schedule. As we had a new space we need to create a risk assessment for that area and figure out the pros and cons of that space. (RISK ASSESSMENT)

We then went to find space and measured it up so that I could create a mini model of what we wanted to produce. After that we located all our materials to create the installation so that on Thursday we could begin making without the need of worrying about materials. (Image 7)

I was very organised in getting this done because as a group we needed to stay ahead of time so that if something doesn't go smoothly before Friday we have time to change without getting behind and rushing. I felt that I was taking the lead in our group as my design was close to what we decided on for our final piece, so I had a more visual idea of what we wanted the outcome to look like also I felt the most passionate about making this and keeping the rest of the team interested in it as they described me as "always one step ahead". As I wanted to consider all elements of the installation we spoke to Mark about how to light it as our space was very dark allowing us to create any effect we wanted with it. (Image 10)

All the constituent features need to be considered to create a convincing overall effect which I thought about for out installation. At this point I felt really on top of our work and believed it will get a good response from our peers and audience.

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