Today we were sorted into groups and presented our sites to each other. My group liked how my site had a very rich history to work from, and how I had collected this research into the migration of people into the East End. I was confident in talking to the group as I had lots to talk about and explain, as my site is fairly small and hidden, it isn't an obvious choice.  After lunch, we were tasked with drawing our site and then making a site model. Initially, I found the site drawing an easy exercise, however it took much longer than the allotted time. This meant that I only had half an hour to attempt a site model, which I struggled with as I felt very behind, and then we were given more work to complete for Thursday. It was also a bit confusing as we were told to think about designs for our site, but I hadn't even got a model that showed the limitations of my chosen place. On top of this, two of my portfolios are due tomorrow for university applications, so I haven't got time to finish the work before tomorrow. I think I will get the things I need to do done, but I might have to do some of the work for this week next week instead. 

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