Feedback from crit:

Areas of strength

  • Use of stitching as a drawing technique
  • Sampling and experimentation with unconventional materials
  • Choice of colour palette is successful and links to my research

Areas for improvement

  • More annotation needed in sketchbook, so that ideas are clearer
  • Add mixed media within the sewn drawings to add further texture and detail
  • Consider using coloured backgrounds e.g. for embroidery sample a coloured fabric would have been more successful than using calico
  • Focus more on design development and ensure to use wide range of media in design drawings

Suggestions on how to develop garment

  • Freestyle embroidery would add another layer of detail and texture to the dungarees; it also should be included in the outcome as it is a consistent element within the project
  • Consider ways to manipulate the dungarees further and in a more dramatic way e.g. increasing the scale of the gathers

I like how my outcome successfully shows my experimentation throughout the project. I also like the positive, fun vibe it has, I enjoyed making it and I think this shows. I like working outside my sketchbook in a 3-dimensional way, however I need to remember to consistently document this in my book. I should focus more on my time management to ensure I spend equal amounts of time on samples, sketchbook work and outcome.

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