Feedback from tutorial with Patricia:

  • Project needs more drawing and use of mixed media
  • Gathers on dungarees need to be denim not white cotton; the white cotton comes across as separate and detached from the dungarees, it’s better to have the dungarees and gathers linked so that they become one cohesive design
  • Consider how to physically manipulate the gathers so that they are part of the dungarees e.g. cut open the seams and sew the gathers into this, the gathers could be wrapping around the leg
  • Don't try and make everything so controlled, be freer as this style of working has more energy and excitement
  • Consider the idea of repetition
  • The embroidery sample with the face should be incorporated within the final outcome, as this is a consistent idea that runs throughout the project e.g. I could project this onto the dungarees and paint it on

This tutorial gave me ideas on how to develop the project into a final outcome. I liked the idea of enlarging the embroidery sample and painting it directly onto the dungarees. I executed this idea by tracing the outline of my embroidery onto clear acetate; this was then projected onto the dungarees, and painted on using acrylic paint. I like how the colours add a fun, playful element to the dungarees, relating to the colourful, energetic world of Iris Apfel, and drag queens. The rough, irregular texture of the paint contrasts with the denim, which I think acts to subtly allude to the contrast of femininity and masculinity. I would have liked if the red paint was more vivid as I think it doesn’t stand out as much as the other colours do.

I placed the dungarees on a mannequin and experimented with ways to incorporate denim gathers into the garment e.g. I cut open part of the seam on the side of the leg, placed the end of the gather inside this, and had it protruding out and curving down. I arranged the gathers so that they did not conceal the painted areas, but instead emphasized shapes within the painted design. I like the raised texture created by the gathers, however I feel that if they were larger and positioned higher up the dungarees it would create a more dramatic and interesting silhouette. I attached embroidered makeup pads to one of denim gathers as a way to make the 2D painted design become 3-dimensional, furthermore making all aspects of the outcome link together. 

I think the top half of the dungarees is boring; this be could improve by adding stitching and having the stitches pulled tight so that they distort the shape of the top. I like the 3-dimensional sculptural shapes created on the dungaree straps, however I think this design feature is too small and therefore could go unnoticed, increasing the scale of this it would fix this problem.

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