I explored the idea of manipulating a pair of dungarees using gathering and box pleating. This method of designing 3-dimensionally I think suits my style of working; being able to physically manipulate and drape fabric allows me to more clearly visualize my design ideas. I like working 3-dimensionally as it allows me to identify areas that could be scaled up/down, changed or removed completely. For my manipulation I used a combination of white cotton drill and denim to experiment with. After reviewing the photos I felt that the white cotton fabric looked very detached from the denim dungarees, and therefore didn’t create a cohesive design. I also noticed a lack of colour in my 3D work; colour is an integral part of my project and therefore should be part of each stage in my development process. To improve from this I will experiment with ways to incorporate colour within the dungarees e.g. I will make samples.

I created samples as a way to experiment with both construction ideas and decorative ideas for the final outcome. A sample I thought was successful was where I gathered a dungaree strap and sewed the edges together to create a structured shape, I like how the strap still retains its original identity yet has a new, 3-dimensional structure. For another sample I wanted to develop a drawing I had done using embroidery; I used a photograph of the drawing (the drawing is of a face inspired by drag queens and was created digitally using virtual paints). I sewed into the drawing using embroidery threads and exaggerated certain areas e.g. for one of the eyes I enlarged the proportion of it by using a white circular makeup pad. The next step in my project will be to consider how these samples can be translated onto the body, and inform the silhouette.

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