Feedback from Alice on my project so far:

  • Focus more on silhouette ideas
  • Blind drawings where I coloured in sections are successful, do more of these
  • Be broader with my research and don’t be so blinkered
  • Use a wider range of drawing techniques not just linear drawings
  • Bathroom tile page is underwhelming and should be more exciting e.g. addition of drawing on this page
  • Think about my colour scheme as it is currently all over the place
  • Response to photos doesn’t necessarily need to be in the colours used in that photo e.g. moss page could have focused on the texture and didn’t need to be all in green
  • Contrast of dungarees and frills is interesting and could be explored further
  • A successful double page should consist of some secondary research, some primary research, which leads on to the body e.g. through draping, and should also show careful consideration of layout

I found this feedback useful as it allowed me to identify the more/less successful areas of my project. I like the idea of exploring the contrast between feminine and masculine as I think this relates to drag queens and their combination of feminine and masculine attributes. To explore this contrast I plan on manipulating a pair of dungarees through adding gathers, pleats etc. I will take photographs of these manipulations and develop them further within my sketchbook, for example through the addition of colour.

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