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The fine art piece I chose to review was featured in the centre of the main buildings open space. It was a large slate where a story began, and everyone added a part to the story. One of my favourite parts about this was the size as it was a very large board it drew you towards it and the concept reminded you of games used to play when your child but now that you're older the story can be longer and crazier which excites you. Also, the concept of being able to add what you're thinking about that your unique mark on the installation. They also offered drinks and sweets as a bribe if you add to the story you got something at the end which works effectively to get people involved within the piece. As I got to that installation many people had already contributed to the story so even though it was in bright colours it was a lot of effort to read it. I took the approach of writing something that didn't make sense at all to the story but worked with the previous sentence whether this was something they wanted us to do varied from person-to-person as I didn't find it interesting to stand and read something for 10 minutes before being able to participate.

After speaking to Alicia (a designer from this piece) she expressed with me her original influences and ideas of the piece.

 ‘The general idea was to just have a chilled environment where creatives could have conversations, listen to music and socialise. The idea of having a story wall came after that. We wanted to make a collaborative story to see how creatives would engage with text/writing in a relaxed social environment.’

Having this knowledge guided me towards an understanding of the process behind the final piece, and how they wanted their installation to be received by us the audience. My initial response was from an unknown audience members point of view and once I had spoken to her, I thought this group achieved what they were aiming for within the project. For this final piece you did not need to know the process to the installation to be able to understand it which made it pleasurable for everyone.

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