2017.10.10 "What's the point" [2]

I was looking for deeper meaning for what I wanted to make with those print, and what I should do for it. First of all, I really like the contrast between tennis and the dresses. I found the elements like tennis net, ball or racket, there are some line elements like check or stripe that can go with the dresses. Also, there were different shades of those white dresses and the texture of the "tennis" element, they were all structural in two dimensional way that I could manipulate with it. Secondly, I did some research on "Kish" studio. The painting that they created express all the body movement in a really unique way, and it was really powerful. Thirdly, I found out the historical story about France striving for women participate in the Olympic games, and they finally won the tennis game to get the honor for women. It makes me think of the feminine aspect, and that is the deeper part I want to consider about it.

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