2017.10.01 - "Dress" Project 1

This week we are going to do a project about tactile and 2D print. Starting with a question about what a traditional dress is, for me, I really think the old fashion tennis suit gives me a lot of thoughts about it. Actually, at first, I went to the V&A museum for the Balenciaga show. However, I found that there were some small exhibition about these elegant old fashion tennis suit to show how the ladies used to dress, and that attracts me. When I analyse the outfit that they dress, it is interesting to look at it because the big difference compare to how the tennis player dress in current. Instead, these ladies wear long floored dress with big puff sleeves. All those stripe on the dresses interest me, and when these ladies start to play tennis, the body movement makes the dresses flow. That gives me a lot of inspiration to think about how I can manipulate on tactile or 2D print like those color stripes on different white dresses texture. Also, elements about tennis, for example, like the racket or the court, I can really think about how these big or small geometric shapes can collage and make it into print.

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