2017.10.02 - "Dress" Project 2

Today, we start with discussing our object from our research. I bring a measuring tape as my object. Since a fit tennis dresses for people who used to play tennis, I think there are some connections between the outfit and the object. We observe the details on our object and we have done some sample by using the elements from the object and the research. Then we do our colored sample with only red, yellow, and blue. When I do the colored samples, I am thinking the “Kish” studio from my search. Their artwork gives me inspiration because the way that they paint expresses a lot about the body movement. When I collage the samples, I combine the ideas from my object, I cut it like tassels, and make several layers with it. The colored sample helps me a lot to think out of the frame because I can turn three dimensional structure into 2D print, and that is more interesting. Moreover, I start to think about how I can use the print that I have done on a fashion piece.

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