2017.10.23 "Tactile Structure - 2"

We went to the Barbican centre for doing some drawing in the morning. When I looked at the view, there are so many buildings that shows different textures. Some of them are simple, and some of them are complicated. I wanted to focus on the texture on each buildings. For instance, one of the buildings shows the white checks texture, what interested me more is because around the white checks wall, there are more structures surrounding, and it gives different shades that I want to draw it. Moreover, textures like black stripes on the building, and those windows having different window curtain shapes give me some inspirations. After that, we were asked to use materials to drape out the interesting buildings that we saw. In my group, we used the materials to hang it under the stairs, and it looks good because the position for each materials that we hanged give different angles to observe, and I can see some texture inspiration from our piece. In the afternoon, we get back to Archway to continue doing more collages. Based on our research, we briefly made three identifies. I really like the technique that how we cut out shapes from cardboard and use the pressing machine to press the shapes on the paper. It really helps me to develop more variations because it can create lots of texture with different positions.

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