2017.10.22 "Tactile Structure - 1"

We are starting a new project that is combining color and structure to make new tactile samples. In London, there are lots of buildings that have great details to look at it. Even though there are not much color using on this building, the repetition details on these buildings give great texture to collage. To be honest, I am not that into the process to look the details because it’s a little bit disturbing because the repetition details like windows and columns are too much. However, when I start to draw it, It is pretty fun, because when I finish drawing it, I can look at these details of each part, and think about how to collaborate them together. I went to several places such as Center Point and Southbank Center, and I explore that there are too much buildings, it is pretty stunning. After that, I start to think about the materials that can express these tactile structure based on my research. Even though the texture gives me a feeling that is pretty overwhelming, I want to make it light but substantial.

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