Altered Spaces, Day 1

After looking and considering the project brief I remembered a past project I had done in which I used collage to combine various aspects of interiors all taken from interior design magazines and then collaged together. This idea at the time had produced some aesthetically nice outcomes but I wanted to develop this further and really consider the images I was combining in the collages. I started by doing some simple drawings looking at key elements of the 'perfect' and sanitized interiors that I found in the interior design magazines. I then combined the drawings with the images themselves which created a few nice and simple pieces but I wanted to develop this further, like I said, considering the images I was combining and the meaning and concept behind the combinations. I began to think about what I found interesting about the magazines and how they were presented. What struck me was the sanitized and unrealistic living spaces that were presented, due to the fact that they were not really 'living' spaces, purely for show and even too delicate to be practically lived it. I began to think about the media is so frequently picked up on promoting unrealistic beauty standards but it is also the lifestyle that people see in the media that they covert and feel discontented and unsatisfied that they have not or cannot achieve this perfect lifestyle, their house is not like a perfect show house and they do not live a problem-free, perfect  lifestyle etc. I wanted to bring in and highlight many of the imperfections and things that go into creating these so-called dreams that people often forget about when converting them. I finished the collage section of this project by combining images of dirty dishes, overflowing ashtrays, rubbish bags, cleaners etc with the perfect interiors to create a sense of 'realness' in the perfect world people so desire.

© Rubia Rose Southcott, all rights reserved


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