Today is the building, I think this topic is very interesting. I have encountered a lot of difficulties in this subject, I put the focus on the load-bearing problem. Because the building wants to have a nice appearance, the internal structure is very important. Want a special shape, the foundation is very important. The teacher arranged the group to do a structure, the process of continuous food, want to add some beautiful and complex structure on a foundation, but never fail, because the foundation is not strong enough, and finally we start from scratch, solid machine. Between the companions, everyone is responsible for the different parts. We discuss the structure together and discuss the structural issues together. From what you want to do, how high to what kind of appearance, we discuss there will always be a lot of collisions, and I think this collision is good, can stimulate more interesting ideas. More interesting is the back, the two groups of works together. Combining two completely different shapes is a very interesting thing. Each group to make adjustments to their work, need to give up some of the parts, there are homes only have. On the basis of affinity not only to integrate two pieces of work, more important is how the integration of good-looking is more important. We discuss together, which makes me think of doing other works, included in a dress, the structure to do interesting fun.

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