Today’s class is a crit for the layout project which we have got a task to create
an 8-page A5 booklet by using Adobe Indesign. I have received a lot of opinions and
suggestions about my work today, both positive and negative, which was very useful
for my future projects. Also seeing other people’s work gives me inspirations and
ideas about alternative ways that I could do to improve my work, which sometimes
I haven't thought about them before.
comments on my booklet from tutors and classmates;
- the overall layout is very successful, using bold layout which could represent
the boldness of the place that I have visited influences the booklet to look aesthetic.

- The use of a bold statement, image and text type really go well together
- However, the things that I could improve if I have had a chance to revisit is
the choice of colours that I used for the text on the first double page. I wish that
the colour was slightly more bright and neon because all of the pages look very colourful
so the tone of colour of this double page makes itself drop and stand out less than
the rest of the booklet.

- Less text could be used in some pages as there is already a lot of text in the images.
I agreed with all the comments on my booklet that I have received today, however, 
I was very pleased with the outcome, the handwritten font and pictures are getting along
very well and appropriate for the over publication. I also like the mood and tone of
the booklet that does not look too serious and formal. It looks lively and playful with
could illustrate the place that I have visited very well. Furthermore, the tutor suggestedthat I should try creating my own font with my own handwriting. I found that that is
a very interesting idea, I haven’t thought about that before. It would add more personality
and uniqueness, make the work becomes more individual, to the booklet.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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