Graphic Communication Design,SITE SPECIFIC TYPE

Today we had to do on the font design, could be a word, it could be a lot of words composed of sentences, pasted in a variety of places for deformation and combination. But also could use the surrounding space or light to change the word to bring our feelings, a variety of 3D items could also be used.

To tell the truth, I did not have much interest in font design, felt that was a little boring. In my impression, the font design is nothing more than the deformation of the font, and then add some elements into, but also to see the shape of the font. But today's course made me feel that the font design could also be more fun, you could design fonts in a variety of places, with a variety of materials, as long as you could think of can. I was most impressed by a classmate in the toilet cover on the font design, very interesting. A day was still happy, although l was not interested in this course, but I learned a lot. Always feel that art is interlinked, the font design can also be combined with my favorite architectural design, maybe there will be new discoveries and insights.

12 Oct.

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