12 October

Through taking my project further and preparing it for the crit I decided to expand on my final idea and give it more of a purpose that just a sculpture piece. This change in idea came after talking to a tutor who thought it looked like an abstract greenhouse. So this idea was then put into place. Greenhouses are made of transparent materials which doesn't transmit infrared radiation such as glass fitting nicely with my design. The transparency allows sunlight in, heating up the container and the fact it doesn't transmit infrared radiation means the heat is trapped in the container. This then creates a warm environment for tropical plants. For this to be possible on my sculpture I would have to close off the bottom of my pyramids to contain the heat and install a watering system which would be hidden behind the plants so it does't ruin the aesthetics of the piece. It would include plants such as pansies and ferns which are suitable for greenhouse environments and would look good in the setting it'll be placed in.

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