10 October

The final taught day of the project consisted of me making my final piece. At first I thought of making my piece from wood such as MDF but I liked the transparency of the acrylic so decided to go with this. I was worried that where the pieces were joint it would look messy due to the transparency meaning I couldn’t hide the glue. But with liquid solvent cement the plastics were fused together and needed a little amount of it to work meaning the pyramids had a clean finish. The base of my piece was two MDF pieces joint at a right angle and painted white. I used MDF as it was what was left in the scrap pieces and I painted it white to give it a cleaner finish. I then carried on using liquid cement to join the pyramids together with a clean finish. However, it was not as neat as I had hoped due to the joints having a smaller surface area meaning there was little acrylic to fuse together. Overall, the piece reflects the idea that I had and with visualisations showing how it would look in both interior and exterior settings it is clear what I would want the finished product to look like on a larger scale. With more time I would've experimented with different materials such as wood and aluminium and place them into different settings. However, availability of the workshop didn't allow me to do this. 

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