9 October

Today I started off slowly as I started class with a set idea to make in the workshop that day but found that after talking to a tutor my idea came across as flat and had potential to become much more interesting. However, due to a change of plan I hadn’t come with materials which meant I had to find some in the surrounding environment. I went to poundland where I found polystyrene plates and plastic cups. I chose these materials as they are easy to cut into triangular shapes as I was still sticking to a triangle as the basis of my piece. At first I used the plastic cups to make a model the same as the previous one to try a different material. This was not successful as the material was transparent making it look very messy and it was not strong enough to stand in the position I wanted it to. I then attempted the same model with masking tape as a base with the polystyrene plates cut into triangles and this was a lot more successful. However, I reviewed the pieces with a tutor again only to be told that it could still be developed. I had trouble understanding how at first but through experimentation I came to realise that my previous sketch models had structure but a flat surface making it boring. I improved this by making pyramids to make an ascending form like my previous models. I also looked at the inside negative space they make and the outer shape of them to make the viewer experience two different sides to the piece. Through this making I also decided that it wouldn’t have so much of a function but it would be on a large scale climbing up the side of a building making it a public sculptural piece. After visiting Tate Britain I decided to place it on the outside of an art gallery as the contrast between the brick surface and the clear acrylic (glass on a larger scale) would work very well as the transparent glass would allow us to see the texture of the brick behind it bringing them together.

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