11 Oct. 2017

'What's The Point Project' - self-directed study


I mainly focused on producing the final outcome today - the textile-book, based on my sample yesterday. It was time consuming to make ‘each page’ precise using canvas fabric, even though it was already the softest type of canvas in the store. However, I like the curved structure that the canvas ‘pages’ create, so it then has saved me more time to sew more pages if I had purchased a softer fabric. I enjoyed placing the gathered mesh fabric and velvet ribbons between the page gap, and I liked the resulting colour combination of such materials. Further more, to balance up the visual outcome or this piece, I made a deep but vivid blue-tone book mark, but in a more glossy surface texture compare to all other matte textured materials. The blue tone would also add ‘spark’ to the other warm tones. I originally planned to make a heavily-embellished bookmark, but after finishing the book I realised its visual impression is eye-catching enough because of the gathered fabrics and ribbons, so by creating a simpler version of bookmark can create a more harmonious visual balance. 

Additionally, I also wish to develop more on the coffee mug stains samples, and I may produce the stains on a comparatively larger light blue tissue paper with more rounded stain patterns overlapping one another.

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