Graphic Communication, LOST LETTERS

In the morning, the teacher introduced to us some works on graphic design, including how to use limited graphics, how to transform graphics, how to skillfully combine graphics and ideas. From the teacher's random letter to think of 15 ideas, was printed in the letter of paper creation and design, could be any graphics. In fact, when I got the big letter A in the paper, the brain was blank, even an idea could not think of. Later, I looked at the letter, and no longer confined to a building or a road, could be used to eat animals and so on. For a point of view, I found that there would be many gains.

I thought of using A as a piece of bread, and then superimposed, thought A is a bridge, thought A is part of the highway, thought A is the crocodile's mouth. Finally, I chose the crocodile's mouth to design, I think this idea was relatively new, did something very cute, I loved it.

I used my half-hour time to draw my idea with a transparent paper, and for the sake of clarity, I used a black pen to hook the graphics outline. And then about 15 minutes to the red part of the carved down to copy, the same part of the black. All printed sunny, with red and black cardboard cut collage. In fact, today's idea I was satisfied.

After all done, I also observed the completion of other students, I found that everyone's ideas were not the same, the style was very different, but were very interesting. Some very simple but very clever, some very complicated, full of side were patterns. Which had a network that was very interesting, the letter was O, painted two expressions were very exaggerated, the letter O was one of the eyes.

Different angles, different performance methods could be the same theme of a very good interpretation. So, the design was no boundaries.

10 Oct.


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