Today's morning class was about the Adobe InDesign introduction. I found that
InDesign is quite similar to Adobe Illustrator. All the tools' role in both programs
are the same, they just been used for different purposes; we use Indesign to produce
booklets, books, newspapers and magazines, while we use Illustrator to create graphic
logos and posters. Since I am very familiar with the Adobe Illustrator, I felt that
the working process of InDsign programme is quite easy for me. However, we have got
a task to create an 8-page A5 booklet using our primary research, such photographs
and drawings, from a previous project as implements. In my work, I included both
photographs and texts. Using words from the neon signs in the pictures as quotes in
my booklet. At first, the sketches of layout that I did in my sketchbook turned out
not quite well. However, later on, when I designed the layout in the program,
it started to get better. I found that it is easier to work in the program because
you can play around with the layout and composition more freely.  Furthermore,
the design for the booklet came out well, I was very pleased with it, Nevertheless,
I experimented further with different colours of texts and sizes.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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