10 Oct. 2017

'What's The Point Project' - 2nd day


During lesson time today, I experimented on producing a book out of textiles, which will then lead on to my final piece. I am planning to produce a precise and minimised book out of canvas, which also involves an eye-catching 'spark' - such as a red heavily embellished bookmark.

During my later visit to Cloth House in soho, a several mesh fabrics caught my eyes immediately. Although the mesh fabrics are in rather vivid colours, but have been softened due to their sheer texture, so I thought they would go great with the none died canvas fabric. Through browsing the shop, I also bought several velvet ribbons, and the combination of the ribbons and mesh fabrics inspired me to add gathered strips of them between one of the page gap of the canvas fabric book. This means that the 'book cover' would be completely neutral, whereas while one opens the book, the colours would then be the centre of attention. Due to the colour tones of the materials were relatively in a warm-tone, so I am also planning to produce an Klein-blue book mark.

© Mei Shen, all rights reserved


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