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A two years old Japanese girl who is survived from the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima. Most of her neighbours died, but she wasn’t injured at all. Until she is a runner in school team when was eleven years old, she felt tired and dizzy. She fell down and couldn’t get up her parents took her to the hospital. She found out that she had leukemia (blood cancer). Almost everyone who got that disease died, and she was scared. Chizuko friends of Sadako came to visit her. Chizuko brought some origami she told that if the sick person folds one thousand cares, then that person soon get well. After Sadako hearing that she started to fold one thousand in the hope that she would get well again.


After she folded 500 cranes, she felt better, and the doctors said that she could go home for a short time, but after went back home she felt bad again and she had to go back to the hospital.


She still folding cranes even she was in great pain. She tried to be cheerful and hopeful. Eventually, she went to sleep peacefully. She had folded a total of 644 paper cranes.



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