Challenges- What worked/ what didn't?

I think the thing that worked out well for this project is the reference pictures
that I took and used for the printmaking process; most of them have good composition
and since they are combining with bright neon colours it makes the picture itself
looks more lively and more appealing. I think the thing that did not work that well iswhen I have to combine three chosen images together on the printmaking plate since
I think the composition and the size of each element do not look that great when
putting them all together; it looks a bit messy which i don’t really like as it looks
Does the image meet your aims and intentions?

I went to take reference pictures for this printmaking project at God’s Own Junkyard,
an art neon lights gallery in North London zone 3. In the gallery there were so many
funny and odd word signs, so I pictured my work to turn out humorous.
My work met
my intentions and I was very pleased with it. The layout of my work consists of
a portrait of Jesus, as a foreground, and words; Beer, Girls and porn, as a background.
The contrast between the pureness of the Jesus’s portrait and the funny and dirty
words much Beer, girls and porn influences my work to meet my aims.
Does the image capture your intended story?

At the start of this project, I didn't actually have a clear mind of what I wanted
the image to represent. But then as I've carried on with the work, I realised that
I want to create a sense of humour into this piece and at the end it kind of worked
out well as there's a contradict between the image of Jesus and the quote at the back;which could draw the attention to us since it shows the conflict within the piece;
religion and x-rated materials.
How will did you manage your time- did your image need simpifity?

From my point of view everything went pretty well, I've managed to do most of the work
in the studio and it was pretty easy to manage the time as well since there were no
rushing when i was doing the work as it is mostly quite simple and not that detailed;
it has a very clear layout.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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