How has project today helped you to think about layout in new ways?

It helped me to think that everything has its own layout and it doesn't have to be
organised and neat. For example, when we got a task to do the primary sketch of
grids around the campus, I found out that grids and layout are everywhere in both big
and small scale, such as barcodes and big windows. I was amazed by the way that when
you look very closely and carefully on something and then you realise that it had
its own layout and grids. Moreover, the layout could be something that is organic and
more than just columns and rows, for instance, the pattern of the leaf or the pattern
and form of food.

What do you think the benefits are of woking on text and image
composition using analogue (non-digital) process?
The benefit is you could get a different feeling and style of the work from 
the piece that created with digital media. I personally think that the analogue
process could bring the work to life more than the digital process ones. The details
and feelings from the small cutting marks on the paper add dimensions to the work
(In the digital piece, the work was mostly produced in a flat 2D way which I feel
like sometimes they are lack out of emotions and dimensions). Also, I think the work
that was created from the non-digital process can interact more. With the piece that
created with analogue process, it influences me to look closet and feel the work deeper.
I could imagine the process of creating this work when one was cutting the images and
text, it encourages me to appreciate the work more.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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