9 Oct. 2017

'What's The Point Project' - 1st day


Through our group discussion in the morning, we each presented our past projects and on how our 10 new research images related to them. I was advised to photocopy my original prints and develop my samples further from the photocopied prints. This idea can be applied to my use of Washi tapes, as I may stick Washi tapes on a photocopier, and enlarge the images on my laptop for further experimentation. I did not progress much during lesson time, as we mainly concluded our past projects and suggesting vague ideas for further development. 

I am certain that I will develop this 'Whats The Point Project' towards both the idea of 'unintentional damage' and on books. I will produce more fabric based samples rather than only using papers, inspired by such two ideas. Further more, I am planning to find various 'unintentional damages' or 'imperfections' through my daily objects, such as the items that I would through away - used cotton pads from removing makeups, tea stained tissue papers etc. I wish to experiment more on scale and surface contrasts for my samples.

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