Fine Art,Tuesday

With 15 items that might be collected and needed to find inspiration in a limited space. I had been not very satisfied with the hand yesterday, looking for another theme to study.

Occasionally saw my right hand on the back of the mole, suddenly found the shape of the mole are not the same, and the depth of different, after the enlargement of the inside of the subtle structure was very nice, but also very attractive to me. So I decisively abandoned the discussion on a topic, ready to study the mole. I found that due to different lights, moles in the light of the projection and image was not the same, the angle of the different also affected the mole. I collected some of the different angles and lights of the mole, got the image so that I was satisfied. After zooming in, I found that every part of the mole was not the same, and the shape was cute.

Through the study of various aspects of moles, I intended to do a three-dimensional works to express it. I used brown paper as the bones, the above bright lines as the fibers between the skin and the bones. With black rubber mud to squeeze out the shape of a variety of moles to highlight them.

I would print the pictures down, and I would paint next to the printed images next to the study and analysis. I now thought that in order to collect something good, must have a strong ability to observe and analyze. Through this class, I found that there are many kinds of knowledge collected in the above, to the same kind or nature of things to compare and develop. Able to grasp the essence, the same place and the different places in a limited condition.

3 Oct.

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