How does the design context change the nature of our work?
The design context gives us variety of ideas of what we could do in order to 
form the outcome. By having two different words
and combining them together.
Which I was given social and
cardboard. I interpret it as homeless,
using cardboard to make
essentials such as plates and spoons. However,
if we were only
given 1 word, it would change the whole thoughts and ideas of
what we could do, such as if only the only word ‘cardboard’ were given,
it would be a bit out of blue and we could have
been producing something
that is irrelevant and may limit our
ideas and thinking process.

How might we evaluate the success of the our work? 
The mood and the angle of a camera of the photo is the success of my work. 
I think I could evaluate my work into
the bigger scale and include more elements
in the frame.
Looking at my images, I feel a bit uncomfortable and sorrowful.
However, personally, the uncomfortableness can
present the feelings of the images
very well. With the use
of black and white, it becomes more dramatic. Furthermore,
asking other people feelings and opinions about my work is also a way to develop
my work. When we are working on my
work, sometimes we can lose the site or miss out
that is very important. Because we focus so much on the work and already
understand the idea fully. Getting other
people's perspective about my work could
help me to develop
and find problems of my work easily.

What potential role or function our work have outside
this project?
We were given two words so my partner and I decided to do a mind map for each word 
to come up with more ideas of what
it means and the use of it. Then we give each othertask to go and take photographs and do some research of the word we got (Social and
Cardboard). I focused on the word “social” and
tried to take pictures and find some
particular objects that
could reflect people and society. We then came up with homeless
after looking at the primary research pictures,
which we developed it further as our
main theme.

how do our own lives/experiences inform the work you're working?
Our lives and experiences are the beginnings of the idea. The brainstorms that 
I created as a starting point of my work
received different perspectives of each
specific keyword from
my experiences. Moreover, producing work based on my experiences
allows me to understand a feeling and a meaning
of the work more and be able to
create the work in a right
direction. Moreover, sometimes the idea could become not too
big when we produce the work that informed by something else. Using experiences and
my own life helps me to understand and
be able to approach the work more.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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